Friday, October 20, 2006

15 month Well-Check

Today I took Ben to the great Dr. Amstutz for his 15 mo. well check and shots.. We have a new nurse and OMG!! what a fiasco..I was torqued after waiting 5 min after his appt just to check-in b/c no one was manning the desk.. Then another 15-20 min wait to get seen... THEN the Dr. wasn't even in yet.. To top it off the nurse didn't know that we were supposed to be getting shots.. and I was walking out.. ready to argue with the receptionist to get my copay back.. Until Finally a knowledgable nurse came and explained Ben can get shots, and would just have to wait for the DTAP until 18mo.. since they "could not give it b/f his 15 mo." (we were 2 weeks early)... The Dr. sees us.. Ben's healthy as ALWAYS.. and progessing fast.. he has already accomplished everything on the 15-18 mo "what kids should be doing" list.. and after getting 2 shots.. we started to leave and they pull us back into the room.. b/c the Great Dr. opened THE BOOK and researched that YES indeed Mr Ben COULD get DTAP b/f 15 months.. I'm sure this reads as blah blah blah.. but I was TORQUED!! and just had to ramble for a bit.. The only good thing about the dr. visits is the "free" advil and tylenol we get.. wohooo.. HA..


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